Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Up-cycled vintage foot stool - My first Upholstery

Hello lovely folks,

So I am back today with some rather exciting news, after months and months of waiting we finally.... got the keys to our new (old) house this week! We could not be happier, but the beaming happy faces soon turned into determined, hard working faces as we set to, and started to tear the inside of the house apart from top to bottom. I am not going to go into details, but it needs work, I thought however you might be more interested in seeing what I have been sewing to go inside the house...it's far more exciting than the piles of rubble that currently reside within the house ;)

So, a couple of years ago we started to pick up the odd bit of furniture we liked, in the hope that one day we would have our own home to put it in (yay! we made it) and on one of our Sunday trips to the car boot we spotted a vintage footstool. 

It was in a right mess to be honest, the sponge had started to disintegrate, the fabric was a delightful deep olive green velvet with a fringing around the edge, that even the most eager of vintage lovers would have turned their nose up at. I took one look at it and said, we will have it, it has potential!

I am so glad we did, because it cost me £2!! And today I am so happy with the end result.

I have never done any re-upholstering before so it was all new to me. It was a really simple process and the only thing we needed other than my sewing machine was a screwdriver to remove the legs and a staple gun ( we used an electric one) 

I found the fabric online through Ebay of all places, I fell in love with the fractured triangles pattern and couldn't resist it. I bought two meters of it, and it is excellent quality, it is really heavy weight and it also has the Fire Retardant coating on it as well which is really important to think about when upholstering something. I hope to use the rest of the fabric for other things in the living room.

We decided to spray the legs gold to bring it up to date a bit, they were originally black plastic, so our options were limited. 

I am kind of kicking myself for not taking a before picture.... I will try and remember for the next project!!

I had so much fun transforming this foot stool and seeing it come back to life after looking so shabby. I feel that even after buying the new sponge and the fabric, it still remains a good value piece of furniture, but not only that it is unique. I am now looking forward to finishing up my next re-upholstery project which is slightly larger in in scale to put in mildly.... stay tuned!

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